Flying Joker's Royal Touch

Sire: Flying Torkol Cloudfollower     Dam:  Flying Storm Night

May 3, 1993 - July 1999

    Joker was our very first Irish Wolfhound. I had seen them years earlier on stage in a fashion show on TV. It was Love at first site and I had to have one, but with all of lives happenings, it would be 10 years before I got Joker. He was purchased as a pet, being new to the breed showing never crossed our minds. After attending a few shows and meeting others who showed the breed, we figured " hey,  it looks like fun, lets try it". So my husband and Joker entered their first show. Green as we were to the breed, we thought we had the best looking wolfhound in the world and in our eyes he was. In the conformation ring was another story. Although we did quite a number of shows, Joker only managed to reach 9 points before passing on. Just one point away from being a champion. In our hearts he will always be a champion, everyone who met him loved him. He was such a gentle kind boy who always tried to please.

    As time goes on and I look back at his show pictures and with the years following gathering the knowledge and experience, he was only ever a pet. His conformation was a pet but he trudged to the shows and showed his heart out for us. He didn't mind the ring,  he rather quite liked it, but was just not quite what the judges wanted. He was never used in breeding as even as green as I was, I knew he was not what I wanted to start with. The day he died was one of the hardest day of my life, my Best Friend was gone forever. For all those who now or will own wolfhounds you will never forget a single one. The loss of them will be in your hearts forever.