Vixen was the # 5 Irish Wolfhound in Canada 2005.



February 2005

Ch. Royeljoker Vixen Image de Noel

BPIS Ch. Royeljoker's First Noel X Ch. Aotearoa Toakea Castlekeep

December 20, 2003 - October, 2006


    From Noels first litter came Vixen. She was the only girl of three. I knew from the moment she was born, that she would be here to stay. She had more bone than both boys. and was a "bruiser". Pushing her way around the group and always picking fights with the boys.

    Although her coat is shorter than usually seen, it makes for easy grooming and shows off her huge bone. Very much like her mother she demands to be noticed in and out of the ring. Although she is a rough and tough girl, her movement is  beautiful. This picture at 5 months told me that I had another powerful and impeccable mover. Since this picture she has perfected it. Floating around the ring, she has proven herself with the many wins she has to her credit. Winning group placements constantly. Coming close to the ultimate "Best in Show" on many occasions.